Academia Non Grata (ANG) is an alternative art high school, a conceptual institution. Created in 1998 by Al Paldrok and Reiu Tüür. Educational output of the Non Grata group. Characterisation: synthesis of different cultural fields; non-standard educational methods.

1998 - 2001 Academia Non Grata - alternative art school with 40 students. It was the one and singular school in Estonia, specifically focused solely on fine arts.

2002 - 2004 Academia Grata (AG), Pärnu College of the Estonian Art Academy was created. Contrary to general opinion, AG did not derive from Academia Non Grata, but AG was created beside ANG. Academia Non Grata presented its material-technical basis to the new educational structure forever and its human resources for short-time use.

Since 2004 Academia Non Grata working as "Academia on The Wheels", teaching lectures and workshops in universities and art institutions all over the world. ANG distributing its ideas in some kind of institutional "parasite piracy," were other existing material - technical means are used to propagate its ideas and apply them.

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